Why advertise with us?

Why advertise?

 Dynamic and positive advertising can entice consumers to your business regardless of the economy and competition.  

Advertising helps to keep the consumers informed. 

Why advertise with Notes Of Slovakia?

The ability to connect and activate consumers locally and on a global scale makes Notes of Slovakia Radio Program the best place to advertise your product. 

Our show can be heard by the Listener ANYTIME their schedule allows.

Our show is in both Slovak and English, so everyone will understand.  Our show is Co-hosted by both an American and Slovakian Citizen.  The Information we provide on our shows is factual and current.

Our Facebook Page has  490  Likes  in just its first few weeks of existence.  People are Liking our page daily, we continue to grow!   Over 14,275 people visited our page and  our numbers continue to grow daily. We can support and prove all of our facts through Facebook Analytics.

We work weekly to engage with our Listener's on Social media, Emails and through U. S. Mailings about our Product.  We continue to grow daily, That's a fact!

Our show can be heard on our Website,  Youtube and on 247PolkaHeaven.com Network.

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Now is the time

As the old saying goes... early bird catches the worm.  Help your business grow. Contact us today! Lets work together to make your business succeed!