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3 Features in every show

Learn Slovak Language


Slovak words and phrases. Video features English and Slovak spellings.

Slovak Spotlight


Historical happenings of Slovakia. Cultural groups. Slovak organizations in America and more!!!

Past and Present Day Slovakia


Medieval castles and towns. Folk architecture. Current events. Tourism

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our mission

Slovak Image from 1920s in Vondrisel, Czechoslovakia. Now called Nalepkovo, Slovakia.

Our Top Goals

1. Connect Slovaks with Slovaks

2. Increase Slovakia Tourism

3. For those that can't get to Slovakia, we want to bring Slovakia to them!

4.  Present the musical history of Slovakia dating back to the 1800s to the present. 

5. Learn Slovak words and Phrases.

6. Learn about Slovakia now and then.

 We take great pride in presenting you with a very well prepared program.  All of our Music, Educational news and Stories have been well researched. 

We will take you on a journey that begins in Slovakia and winds around the world!

Children of Immigrants have many questions

Many Slovaks emigrated from The Austrian Hungarian Empire, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia and The Czech Republic.  Their children and grandchildren do not speak the language, nor do they know much about the culture. Many questions remain: What was life like when their ancestors lived in Europe?  What music did they listen to? What clothes were worn? Was life simple? Hard? . . . and the list goes on!  Our radio show will help answer your questions in our third feature - Past and Present Day Slovakia brought to you by Slavomir, a lifelong resident of Slovakia.  This feature will be in both Slovak and English, so everyone will understand! 

Learn Slovak Language

Slavomir will teach a few words and phrases in our first feature in every show.  Before you know it, you will be able to speak some Slovak.  This will be great for touring Slovakia! 

Slovak Spotlight

Dr. Michal Kopanic will introduce you to the history of Slovaks both from Slovakia and abroad. 

Music, music, music!

Slovak music featured from the last 100 + years. Music from  Slovakia, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia,  The Austrian Hungary Empire and The Americanized versions of the old "Slovak" music.  You will have an opportunity to listen to music your Ancestors and Slovak Friends listened to in the past and presently listen to.  Listen and view our show and be entertained! 

Have more questions? Comments?

Request a song or band!  Do you have ideas for our show? Let us help bring you the best Slovak Radio Program. 

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